What is a SoundDec©earwig Radio?

The SoundDec© earwig Radio is a specifically designed and patented radio receiver that is designed to receive broadcasts at major events.

What does the term “broadcast” mean?

This means that we take the live broadcast from the commentators (e.g. Sky Sports or BBC) into our specialised transmitter to be “re-broadcast” to the SoundDec© earwig Radio receivers. Alternatively we have the engineering skills to create our own unique content relevant to the event.

Does the radio only work for the one-off event?

The SoundDec© OneTune earwig is fixed to one specific frequency, however the DualTune earwig and many others will continue to work as a FM scan radio on an ongoing basis with the “event mode” available at the specific venue only.

Can I listen to AM radio stations from the radio receiver?

We can produce both AM & FM frequencies for OneTune and TripleTune earwig radio orders.

Where will the radio work?

By law, the Event Channels (E1 - E16 on which you will listen to your commentary) may only be broadcast on low power. You should have no problems receiving the signal in-stadia but the reception of these channels will diminish as you leave the area. A DualTune earwig radio, however, will pick up other FM stations wherever they are normally broadcast.

Does the radio need to be re-charged?

The DualTune earwig radio operates on a 3 Volt CR2450 lithium battery, whereas other radios including the OneTune and ScanTune operate on a 3 Volt CR2032 lithium battery. The DoubleTune, TripleTune and FourTune earwig radios use AAA batteries. Additional batteries can be purchased at all events covered by SoundDec and generally last 20-30 hours.

Is there volume control?

Yes, there is a wheel on the side of the SoundDec© earwig Radio that turns the unit on & off and enables you to adjust the volume.

What happens when the stadium gets really loud? will I be able to hear the broadcast?

The sound quality of the SoundDec© earwig radio is exceptional. The speaker sits right outside of the ear canal which generally makes it easier to hear, even inside loud environments.

Is the radio hearing aid compatible?

The radio will fit over most hearing aids or you can remove the hearing aid as the volume on the radio is significant.

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